Allergy season arrives in Portland area

PORTLAND, Ore. — Along Portland’s waterfront the blooming trees attract lots of photographers and lots of people who can feel that allergy season is here.

“Itchy nose, watery eyes — kind of the typical spring allergies, seasonal allergies,” said one woman.

“Specifically to me I get a headache,” said Ron Smicker. “I feel a little groggy and it’s just congestion.”

“Watery eyes, lots of sneezing and especially when I wake up in the morning, that’s when it’s worst when it’s been sunny like this,” said Ann Colonna.

Some said they would just endure it.

“Honestly in a lot of ways — I’m a guy so I don’t actually go to the doctor or take pills or anything. I just grin and bear it and wrestle through it. That’s my remedy,” Smicker said.

But it doesn’t have to be.

“So to get to the bottom line of why you have allergies you have to take a look at the gut,” said Dr. Susanne Breen, a naturopathic physician in Portland.

She said sometimes allergies result from your adrenal glands working too little or too much.

Testing can help figure that out, but in the meantime, she recommends an ancient solution: the neti pot.

“We need to keep our nasal passages clear and we have wonderful recipes for neti pots. If you’re not used to using a neti pot, get used to using a neti pot because it’s amazing,” she said.

Others turn to acupuncture.

Ellen Goldsmith is a practitioner and says it works well.

“When people are stressed and tired it has a huge impact on the immune system, so from an acupuncture point of view we’ll seek to increase and support and boost the chi so that the body is strong enough to sort of ward off those allergens,” she said.

So there you go.

We face spring allergies every year. Maybe this will be your year to do something about them, so that when you see the trees blooming you can feel the joy of a new season and not the pain of allergy symptoms.

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